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One of the first things to think about when you are getting a life insurance policy is to consider exactly what you expect the payout to do. Click here to use our online Life Insurance Calculator to see how much life insurance you need.

If you are looking to comfortably provide for your family should the worst happen, pay off the mortgage and any outstanding debts, your policy may be quite expensive. If, however, issues like your mortgage and other loans will diminish over the time, it might be worth considering decreasing term insurance, as this will offer cheaper premiums over the duration of the policy.

Many people also look to get policies that will pay off other costs at death, funeral expenses is one common cost that life insurance policies can cover, particularly if you are taking a life insurance policy out at a more senior age.

Many mortgages these days come with some form of protective insurance on them. This can be in the form of MPPI, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, that will pay out for a certain term should you happen to ill or unemployed, or mortgage term assurance, that may pay out the value of the mortgage should the policyholder happen to die before the mortgage is completed.

There are some things that you may be able to do to increase the value for money of your policy. Couples are often offered joint life insurance policies, which means that the policy pays the same sum if either of the couple dies. Whilst this can save money, it is only ideal if both parties are very similar, have the same risk of dying, and require the same level of cover. It is also worth bearing in mind that if you are looking to provide for your children and you take out a joint life insurance policy, should both of the policyholders die at the same time, the life insurance policy will pay half as much as it would do if you had two separate policies.

Another thing to do is to make sure that your policy is written "in trust". This means that the proceeds from the life insurance policy would not be considered to be part of an individuals' estate when they die and therefore not be taken into account when you have to pay inheritance tax. It's a simple thing to do, though will require some form filling out in the long term you could potentially save the beneficiaries of your policy a lot of money.

Insurers calculate your policy on the likelihood of you dying; this generally includes factors such as occupation, whether you smoke or not, age and current health. Probably the one that can make the biggest difference is whether you smoke or not, you need to have a year smoke free in order to make a difference to a policy, but it can save you thousands on your policy, as well as the money you won't be spending on cigarettes.

Life insurance can provide an enormous peace of mind when it comes to your nearest and dearest being provided for should the worst happen. Life insurance policies do not necessarily have to be expensive, and if you are thinking about getting a policy, take a look at an online comparison web site for a comprehensive selection of life insurance policies and some good value deals.

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