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This percentage increase calculator computes the increase from one value to another in terms of percentage. It can also calculate the increase of a value by a specified percentage or amount. To use this calculator, simply select the type of calculation, enter two values, and click the 'Calculate' button.

Percentage increase is a mathematical term used to express the change in a value as a proportion of its original amount. It calculates how much a specific value has grown. This concept is commonly used to measure the growth or expansion of quantities, enabling easy comparisons of changes across different values and contexts.

The Percentage Increase Formula

To calculate percentage increase, two values are needed: the starting value (before the increase) and the final value (after the increase). The formula to determine percentage increase is:

This formula gives the result as a percentage, showing how much the starting value has increased to reach the final value. The "Starting Value" in the formula represents the baseline or starting point, and the "Final Value" is the result after the increase. By dividing the difference between the final and starting values by the starting value, you get a decimal that represents the proportionate increase. Multiplying this decimal by 100 converts it into a percentage, which is easier to understand and communicate.

The following are a few examples of applying the percentage increase formula to various real-life scenarios.

Example 1: Suppose you received a wage increase from $50 to $56 per hour. What is the percentage increase of your salary?

Percentage Increase =
56 - 50
× 100%
= 12%

Example 2: Imagine your social media followers grew from 1,200 to 1,500 in a month. What is the percentage of increase?

Percentage Increase =
1500 - 1200
× 100%
= 25%

Example 3: Let's say the price of a stock increased from $35 to $42 in a week. What is the percentage increase in the stock price?

Percentage Increase =
42 - 35
× 20%
= 25%

In various fields such as business, finance, statistics, and daily life, the concept of percentage increase plays an important role in interpreting changes in values over time. Whether it's the growth in a company's revenue, the rise in property prices, or the increase in your monthly expenses, understanding how to calculate percentage increase helps quantify growth or change in a clear, understandable format.

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