Area Conversion

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This converter makes instant conversions between common units of area, including square meters, hectares, square kilometers, square feet, acres, and square miles. To use this converter, please select the units and provide a value to convert. The converter will make conversions as the value is being typed in.

Popular area conversions

Area as a measurement

The area of an object is a measurement that indicates the amount of space taken up by an object in two-dimensional space. It can be thought of in terms of a square with side measurements of a given unit. Refer to the figure below.

In the figure, we see that the area of some two-dimensional object can be approximated using some number of squares where the smallest square has a length of 1 unit; this square is referred to as a unit square. Depending on the size of the area being measured, different units of length can be used. For example. For a small space, we may use millimeters, centimeters, or inches, in which case the corresponding areas would be mm2, cm2, or in2. For larger areas we may use meters, feet, and yards as the units of length. For yet larger areas, we may use units of area such as acres, hectares, square miles, and so on. Regardless what unit of length is used, the area is the product of the length of each size of the square, or:

A = s2

where A is area and s is the length of the side of the unit square.

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