Financial Calculators

Mortgage Calculator
This calculator computes the monthly repayment and the interest of a mortgage loan. It can also estimate the total cost of owning a home as well as compare two loans.

Loan Calculator
This calculator computes the monthly repayment, interest, and amortization schedule of a loan with fees considered. It can also compare two loans side-by-side.

Compound Interest Calculator
This calculator computes the compound interest and future value of a deposit and/or periodic contributions over a given period of time.

Inflation Calculator
This inflation calculator computes the change in buying power over time based on U.S. CPI data or a user provided average annual rate.

Sales Tax Calculator
This calculator computes sales tax amount, sales tax rate, before tax amount, and after-tax amount of a transaction that incurs a sales tax.

Tip Calculator
This calculator gives out the tip and total amount based on the price. It can also help figure out splitting between some people.

Budget Calculator
This calculator helps budget planning based on income and expenditures. Additionally, it provides recommendations in accordance with the 50/30/20 rule.

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