square meters to square feet

m² = ? ft²

This converter makes instant conversions from square meters (m²) to square feet (ft²). It also provides the conversion steps. To use the converter, please provide a value in the input field. The converter will begin making conversions as the values are being typed in.

How many square feet in a square meter?

A square meter (m²) is a SI metric unit of area. A square foot (ft²) is a unit of area in the United States (US) customary systems of measurement as well as in the British imperial system. During the 1950s and 1960s, a square foot was declared to be exactly 0.09290304 square meters based on the international yard, which has its basis in the metric system. Based on this definition, there are ≈10.7639104 square feet in a square meter.

How to convert square meters to square feet

Since there are exactly 0.09290304 square meters in 1 square foot, the square meter to square foot conversion formula is:

ft² =

Thus, to convert from square meters to square feet, divide a value in square meters by 0.09290304. For example, convert a house of 250 square meters to square feet:

250 m² =
ft² = 2690.978 ft²
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