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GPA Calculator
This GPA calculator computes grade point averages using either letter grades or their point values. The selected settings are saved for the convenience returning users.

High School GPA Calculator
This calculator computes both weighted and unweighted GPAs for high school, allowing users to define the added points for honors, AP, IB, or college courses.

Grade Calculator
This grade calculator computes your weighted grade based on the weight and grade achieved for each component of the course.

Final Grade Calculator
This calculator computes the grade you need on your final exam to achieve a desired weighted grade for a class. It accepts percentage, letter, or point grades.

Concrete Calculator
This calculator estimates the amount of concrete necessary to construct common shapes based on volume. It also has options for estimating concrete cost.

Square Footage Calculator
This calculator estimates the square footage of common shapes. It can also be used to estimate cost based on the square footage and quantity of shapes.

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