Mortgage Calculator

Home price:
Down payment: $%
Loan term:
Interest rate:
Annual taxes, insurance, fees, etc.
Property tax: $%
Home insurance: $%
PMI insurance: $%
HOA fee: $%
Other costs: $%
Start month:
Loan 2:
Down payment: $%
Loan term:
Interest rate:

This mortgage calculator computes the monthly repayment as well as the interest and amortization of a mortgage loan. It can also estimate the total cost of owning a home by including the property tax, insurance, HOA fee, and other related costs. The calculator allows you to input amounts in either dollar amounts or in the form of a percentage; just click the $ or % sign next to the input field to switch between the two. This calculator can also compare two different loans for the same house with different terms, interest rates, or down payments. To use this calculator, please provide the relevant values, switch on/off the feature s, and click the "Calculate" button.

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