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Every now and then everyone needs to find themselves a good plumber, most home insurance companies will provide lists of emergency telephone numbers for good tradesman, but there is rarely anything as reassuring as establishing a good relationship with a high quality tradesman that you know won't let you down. Here are a few quick guidelines on how to find yourself a good plumber:

Word of Mouth

Most plumbers, or in fact tradesmen in general, get spoken about if they have done a terrible job or a particularly brilliant one. If you hear someone talking about a plumber in a positive light, then it might be worth asking them for the number. This actually happens relatively rarely so if you have found a firm that doesn't come personally recommended they will probably be happy to give you a reference or two.


Plumbers in most countries must be registered with the relevant Government Authority. You can also check the details of a registered plumber online. You could look for additional qualifications, which are far from necessary but increase the likelihood of them being a good plumber.

The Phone

Much of your contract with your plumber will be over the phone and this is often whilst they're working on other jobs - which is no bad thing because it shows they have plenty of work. If they act professionally about communication over the phone, the chances of a better end result are dramatically increased.

Public Liability Insurance

Plumbing can be a dangerous job and it carries certain health and safety implications with it. Accordingly they will have public liability insurance which will protect what they're working on from their own mistakes or inadvertent mishaps. Ask any potential contractors if they have insurance and whether the coverage that they do have is enough to cover the job in hand. If an insurance company does not have sufficient insurance, you could have to pay for it if something goes wrong.


Cowboy contractors don't last all that long, they often set up firms in one place, destroy the reputation by offering a bad service to customers and then break the whole thing down and start again. If a company has been working in the same place for a length of time it may well be reputable. That's not to say a brand new company is not fantastic, just that a little longevity is a good sign.

Most home insurance companies will provide a list of tradesmen, but they will also pay for necessary work done by a private tradesman who is not on their list, they are unlikely, however, to cover for necessary work that is done more than once because the first tradesman was a cowboy. Make sure that you find yourself a good, reputable, tradesman to do any work that you need doing. If you are unsure, check with your insurance company before you have any work done. Home insurance will provide vital financial coverage if something goes wrong, so make sure you have a good policy.

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