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Have you ever felt that you aren't doing enough with your cash? If so, it's probably the fault of your bank account. When it comes to bank accounts, it certainly isn't a case of "one size fits all" - there are hundreds of accounts out there, all catering to different needs. If you're constantly overdrawn, then an account which is aimed at high earners won't be right for you. Similarly, those with substantial savings will do nothing for their financial solvency by keeping large sums in a current account. The key to keeping your money performing is to find a banking scheme which is tailored to your needs.

Current accounts for high earners

If your account is always in the black, then what matters most is making interest on your positive balance. Bear in mind that, with most accounts, you will only earn interest on a limited amount, so it's advisable to put anything above that into a top savings account to maximize interest payments.

Current accounts for low earners

Are you constantly overdrawn? In that case, you should consider current accounts with a 0 per cent overdraft. Many of these accounts restrict you to online banking, but pay a much higher interest rate if you are in credit.

Savings accounts

A good savings account should significantly beat inflation after tax and allow you easy access to your money. The best are now online.

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