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There is no doubt that a holiday, whether it be just for one person or a whole family, can put a significant dent in anybody's budget. Click here to use our online Travel Calculator to see how much your next holiday could cost you.

With this in mind, you can hardly blame holidaymakers for wanting to cut corners in order to save as much money as possible. Unfortunately, many choose to do this by not purchasing travel insurance. Some people get lucky, and save themselves a few dollars. Others live to regret their decision.

It's obvious to most people that travelling to a foreign country, staying in accommodation you've never stayed in before and being around people you don't know has the potential to be a very unpredictable experience. It could go perfectly, and you could return home in perfect health with all your belongings intact. On the other hand, like anything in life, it has the slight potential to go wrong, and if such a scenario does occur then the relatively small amount of money you paid for insurance will be worth its weight in gold.

Healthcare in other parts of the world can be extremely expensive, and getting treated as a foreigner can be doubly difficult. Without adequate travel insurance, any injury or illness on holiday could well mean a prolonged and expensive effort to get treatment. Some hospitals abroad have been known to prevent patients from leaving if they have not fully paid for their treatment. Some holidays may be greater health risks than others, for example a ski trip or a holiday to a part of the world with disagreeable food, but even seemingly the most safe of holidays could result in a need for health care.

The idea that you might get ill and need treatment while on your holiday is not meant to put you off taking that adventurous trip you've always planned. It simply highlights the need to be properly covered before you go, so you can rest easy and enjoy your break. Though we all hope they won't, countless other things could go wrong: baggage could be lost; flights could be cancelled; weather conditions might be poor. It's not even like travel insurance costs the earth, customers can pick from a variety of different policies and choose one that suits them. There are also numerous companies offering all kinds of insurance, whether it be for your week on the beach or your three-week trek in the Himalayas.

Your Travel Agent is a good place to start looking for travel insurance so you have something to match against other quotes. Furthermore, it's worth looking on a price comparison website to quickly find a list of quotes.

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