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Too many of us are wasting too much money on our financial products. According to some online comparison web sites, the average household could save up to $1,500 a year if they changed things such as energy providers, insurers and banking. All too often we give into apathy or customer loyalty, even when the best products are actually quite easy to obtain - especially when you do it online. If you're looking to save money in the coming year, then here's a quick list of some of the best ideas:

Best Credit Cards
If you're paying interest on your credit card, then it's probably time that you switched provider. That is - as long as you have a good enough credit rating to switch of course. The best credit card deals are split between two types of 0% promotional deals. There is 0% on balance transfers and then 0% on purchases, few cards offers both bonuses at once. Click here to use our online Balance Transfer Calculator to see how much you could save.

Best Current Accounts
There are bank accounts that reward you for switching. Some give you an amount on a set future date if you switch to them. This can be more lucrative than even the top interest rates offered by banks.

Best Savings Accounts
Savings accounts are amongst the most confusing personal finance products. You'll see best buy tables on comparison websites quoting a best AER, but these aren't always wholly accurate. On savings accounts you'll find that there can be penalties for withdrawal, and these won't be reflected in best buy tables. You'll also get taxed on anything you put in. If you're saving a small amount, then it's well worth considering an ISA but these have been criticised for being too complicated. In a nutshell they're a tax free savings account where you can invest part of your money in cash and part in stocks and shares. These rules are also set to change in the new tax year.

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