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With the cost of car insurance, road taxes, registration and petrol increasing constantly the affect is that it gets more expensive to keep a car on the road. The expenses mentioned are constant for all of us in that to legally drive we all have to pay for them. Car insurance however is a very individual cost.

Nowadays, it is so easy to input your details into the computer and come up with a range of different quotes from a variety of insurers - making it an extremely laborious task to sift through them all and select the right one. The computer will only compare premiums in most cases and will not take the quality of deals into account. It is, therefore, very important to check the finer details of each policy before taking the plunge.

Some companies have started to offer "bare bone" policies to gain a bigger share of the market. These kinds of bare budget policies are produced to only provide cover for your vehicle and not much more. You will be unlikely to get a car to drive if yours is taken in for repairs. Another negative of these policies is that your excess in the event of a claim will be higher than other policies. If you never make a claim during the length of the policy this will obviously not be a problem, however if you do make a claim you may find you have to pay out a fair sum of money even with insurance.

A choice that appeals to many people is to be able to create a tailored policy that includes things you need and leaves out things you don't. Instead of offering all inclusive or basic policies many insurers enable you to choose which extras you would like to include.

Specific policies are also available from specialist companies that provide insurance for e.g. women drivers, senior drivers, disabled drivers or young drivers. Pick your policy on how suitable it is for your not on how little it will cost you.

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