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With so many outgoings and not as much coming in people are being stretched financially and still have to find ways to pay for many items that they need, including utility bills and monthly insurance cover to basic items such as food.

One longer-term solution that some people follow is to obtain a personal loan and pay it off on a monthly basis. Depending on the deal you get this can turn out to be a godsend or a burden.

Many people now check loans comparison sites for tips on the suitable deals around at the moment. If you don't know something and you can't find it on the site then ask someone. Online this is just a case of visiting a discussion board that most comprehensive sites provide.

Work out how much you will be able to borrow by looking at how much you can afford to pay back every month, while still having money left over just in case. This way you will not get into difficulties and feel overstretched again if some event comes about and you have to pay for some unexpected cost.

Before committing to any one loan or lender it's a good idea to check out one of our loan calculators; don't worry they are easy to use and can help manage loans; working out the amount to be borrowed and the length of time to it off. The calculator will then return the APR, total amount to be repaid and the amount that the borrower should repay every month.

Remember that is not definitive, the actual deal will depend on your situation, but it is a quick and useful indicator of what you could expect and should help you gauge whether you think you can afford it. You could then compare that deal with another lender.

If you get into trouble keeping up with payments don't waste time and let your loan company know as soon as possible, keep in mind that if you do waste time the consequences on your future borrowing and credit record can be severe. Get in touch as soon as possible and renegotiate a payment plan.

Whichever ways you decide to gain extra funds make sure that you do plenty of research and stick to the figures you decide on.

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