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This calculator was originally designed for Australian use. It will help you to estimate the total value of any given salary package, often referred to as Total Employment Cost.

  1. Enter the values of your Salary and other relevant Components of your salary package.

  2. Leave the box blank if you don't receive a particular benefit.

  3. Click once in the "Total Package Value" box to calculate your result.

  Salary Component    
  Enter your annual salary, excluding allowances, benefits and other payments. $
  Employer Superannuation
  Enter your employer's super contribution.  Amount or percentage of salary may be entered.   %
  Your Contribution    
  Enter your additional super contribution (if any).  Amount or percentage of salary may be entered.   %
  Car Benefits
  Enter your car and/or car parking allowance. $
  Enter the annual cost of your car parking (if known). $
  If your employer provides you with car parking, are commercial parking facilities costing $5.25 per day or more available within 1km of your workplace?   Yes
  If yes, enter the lowest daily rate at any of these parking facilities. $ /day
  Enter the original purchase price of your company car. $
  Enter the original purchase price of additional cars (if any). $

  Leave Loading
  Enter your Leave Loading.   Amount or percentage of salary may be entered.    %
  Employer Provided Loans
  How much is owing on your housing loan? $
  Enter the annual interest rate.   %
  How much is owing on your investment loan? $
  Enter the annual interest rate.   %
  Benefits Subject To FBT
  Enter the value of your benefits that are subject to FBT. (These include health insurance, mortgage repayments, school fees, private entertainment, private travel, club subscriptions etc.) $
  Benefits Exempt From FBT
  Enter the value of your exempt benefits. (These include portable computers, briefcases, professional subscriptions, airport lounge memberships, business related software etc.) $
  Total Fixed Benefits $
  Enter the value of any variable cash payments you receive such as bonuses, commissions or incentive payments. $
  Total Package Value: $


This calculator uses the "Total Employment Cost" approach to Salary Packaging, however some employers use the older "Salary Plus Benefits" approach.  If in doubt, we recommend you consult a suitably qualified Adviser.

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