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This calculator is designed to help you calculate option prices and other values. Simply enter 6 of the 7 values for your option then click the relevant button to calculate the missing value.

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Option Price: $

Stock Price: $
Exercise Price: $
Dividend Yield: %
Interest Rate: %
Volatility: %
Time To Expiry:
Expires In: Days Months Years
Type Of Option: Call Put
  American European


  1. Option Price Field - The estimated value of the option is displayed or entered in this field.
  2. Stock Price Field - The current price for the stock is displayed or entered in this field. Higher stock prices will increase Call values and reduce Put values.
  3. Exercise Price Field - The exercise price is displayed or entered in this field. This is the price at which a put or call option can be exercised and is also known as the strike price.
  4. Dividend Yield Field - The income paid to owners of the stock. Option holders are not entitled to dividends from the stock.
  5. Interest Rate Field - The current market interest rate.
  6. Volatility Field - An estimate of the potential price fluctuation that will occur during the Option term.
  7. Time To Expiry Field - The amount of time before the Option expires. You can select days, months or years.
  8. Type Of Option Fields - Is the Option a Call or Put, American or European style?

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