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This calculator is designed to give you a broad estimate of costs and benefits of running a Social Media campaign on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

  1. Enter the variables for your current or proposed Social Media campaign.
  2. Results will be calculated automatically as you enter the values.
  3. Click the "Update" button if you need to update your results.

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Social Media Setup Costs
Blog Setup
Setup of Social Media Accounts and Content
Employee Training
Social Media Monitoring
Other Costs
Total Social Media Setup Costs
Annual Maintenance Costs
Incoming Traffic Value
Average Cost Per Click Value
Daily Visitors
No. Of Yearly Clicks
Total traffic value per year
Public Relations Value
No. of Articles
Value of Articles
Total public relations value per year

Word of Mouth Value
No. of Likes or Comments
Value of Likes or Comments
Total word of mouth value per year
Market Research Value
No. of focus groups
Value of focus groups
Total market research value per year
Employee Cost
No. of employees working on Social Media
Hours worked per week
Hourly employee cost
Total employee hours per week
Total employee hours per year
Total employee cost per year

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Setup and ongoing costsCost
Social Media Program Setup
Annual Maintenance Costs
Content production including employee time
Total Costs in the first year
Yearly Benefit Summary Value
Advertising Value:
(Eg. Market Profile raised or Traffic generated)
Public Relations Value:
(Eg. Media articles generated)
Word-of-mouth Value:
(Eg. Referrals from other sites and blogs)
Market Research Value:
(Eg. Customer profiling)
Gross Value:
Less Expenses
Net Value:


  1. Default Values are based on real world averages.

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