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This calculator is designed to help you calculate bond prices and yields and show the results graphically.

  1. THIS IS A JAVA-BASED CALCULATOR. Recent changes to Java security mean it won't run in most newer browsers. The best option is to use Internet Explorer which still runs Java. If you're using the new Microsoft Edge browser, you can still open this calculator in Internet Explorer. Select the More option (...) located at the top of the Edge browser and click on Open with Internet Explorer.

  2. Enter the bond's coupon rate and maturity date.

  3. You can then choose to enter either a price or a yield and the other value will be calculated.

  4. Alternatively, moving the sliders to the desired values will enable you to compare price and yield changes dynamically.

You may also like to try our main Bond Calculator which doesn't use Java.




This calculator couldn't load because either:

  1. Your browser doesn't support Java; or
  2. Your browser supports Java but Java isn't turned on.

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