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You can use this calculator to check if your domain name is eligible for transfer away from any domain name Registrar.


  1. Enter the domain name you want to check for its transfer status.
  2. Click the "calculate" button to start processing.
  3. The calculator will start by checking that the domain name has been registered for more than 60 days.
  4. It will then check that the domain name is active and unlocked. Please be patient because this search can take several minutes, depending on the speed of the relevant WHOIS servers.

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Domain Name For Transferwww.

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  1. If you wish to transfer your domain name to a new Domain Registrar, you will need to contact your current Registrar and check the following:
    • You must obtain the Authorization (EPP) code from them.
    • Your domain name must be unlocked.
    • You should turn off any privacy for your domain name.
    • Your contact email addresses must be up to date and working.
  2. Domain names cannot be transferred in the following circumstances:
    • Within 60 days of original registration or previous transfer.
    • The domain name is locked.
    • Contact email addresses are out of date or not working.
    • The domain name is unpaid, under a dispute or within the 30-day Redemption Grace Period.
  3. We're sorry we can't guarantee these results are always acccurate.
  4. This calculator has a limit of 3 submissions per day to prevent abuse.

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